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Tell me something cool about Frontend 🦉

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Inversion of control alert, I spend a lot of time rambling on about Frontend and development emotional issues (you know the things we aren't meant to have), well let's turn the tables, enough about me tell me about you, where do you work, what do you love about development.

Let's do this??

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Emotional health is important, I don't blame you for talking about it.

Recently I had to realize the pills I've been taking for the past 15 years of my life (Adderall) were what made me such a weirdo and got me excluded from countless jobs and social circles that said I was "not a good fit for the team" or just plain thought I was a weirdo when I tried the hardest to put in standards that were ommited but were important for the project, or I just had more thoughts in my head that were interesting than listening to others.

In other words, I tried harder than everyone else so I could gain expertise in my workplace but they didn't want someone who did, just a good boy who listens and asks around when in need.

I get what they mean by "self-care", and that's what I also need right now.


Anyone strong enough to reflect in such a way should be running the team. A hat tip to you sir.

I stopped taking my heart pills for overactive adeinal glands because I am not sure I like the idea of slowing my heart down, emotionally I am probably a bit to heart on my sleeve for most people, the typical reaction is a complete misunderstanding or a perseved weekness perhaps, I am just in touch with how I feel and how you feel and how everyone In the room feels because ultimately we all want to be happy, a few kindnesses here and there can be transformational. As my son's TV programs say, be nice think twice.


Taking care of yourself is totally needed and being aware of it. 3 years ago I suffered a lot of crunch time and I don't know how I survived without too much consequences in me, of course i'm suffering some anxiety I didn't had before.
What do I do to have it in control? Exercise my body at the Gym or any physical activity, and a lot of music, a lot, almost 24/7 listening music.

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