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Adam Crockett 🌀
Adam Crockett 🌀

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Job search week … umm 4

Alright Alright it’s going nicely, I’ve got multiple interviews sometimes having 2 on the same day to maximise my chances, I’ve got a good number of interviews lined up as well. And for those who haven’t yet, trust the process, don’t sink to that dark place for very long and look for the light in people around you. I say keep plugging away, you need to do a few things:

  • brush up your LinkedIn like they say on YouTube, … okay they don’t have a saying for this.
  • post engaging content and tips regularly on LinkedIn
  • apply for 1 or 2 jobs per day
  • rest when everyone else rests
  • ask for jobs in Facebook groups that might have tech people
  • consider anything and then narrow it down you have time if you are smart about it
  • start a new skill that would lead you to the job after this one, remember learning is for you, not for your job right now, but it could benefit both

It’s not over for me but I’m finally feeling confident and still a little afraid of tech tasks but something has to work out 💪

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Michael Tharrington

Good stuff, Adam! Keep on chuggin' along. You got this. 🚂