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ChatGPT got me a job - writing my resume

I didn’t have a dad to help me with my CV but now I’ve got AI, so with all this talk (unsubstantiated) of “dey took our Jrbs” I’d like to counter that with a, your using it wrong , dummy statement.

Observe exhibit A:

Image description

Yes chatGPT is delighted to help me improve my CV / Resume and gives me tips! Now I can get great advice about getting a job, and then get it taken away by AI 🤣

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Thomas Hansen • Edited

The trick is to use her as you apply, and as you do your work. Will ChatGPT do your job? Yes, exactly, that's the point. However, you've got to ask her smart questions, and you've got to sanity check her work. You need skills to do that ;)

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Tran Hai Quan

=)) im dead

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Matias Lapolla

I don't get people saying "they get our jobs", like really.

The evolution of technology has often led to significant changes in the way that people work and has sometimes resulted in the displacement of certain jobs. However, it has also led to the creation of new industries and job opportunities. In general, the impact of technological change on employment has been complex and multifaceted. It is not accurate to say that the evolution of technology is inherently "bad" for human jobs.

Evolution and the advance of technology is good and I think we should embrace it. This tools (like OpenAI and the others) have incredible capabilities and we just have to make profit (not necessarily monetary but also on knowledge and efficiency) by using them.

I think the people that say "they take our jobs" don't really know what they're talking about.

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Tran Hai Quan

Hahaha, so cool

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Adam Crockett

Oh man Forum are hiring I really want to apply!

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