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Writing an AI Word Processor

Word processors have always been General and General purpose transformer AI such as ChatGPT is of ideal for text based problems, It cant do sport or dance, but it can do this.

So let's build a new word processor with ChatGPT built in, we are just at the UI Stage, inspired by Notion and MSWord and my own ideas of what looks nice. I have no idea what will change yet, but I do know its as simple as making a POST, so all I need to do is tailor the UI to re-write a specific section or at-least suggest edits.

The problem I want to solve is that AI like any copy and paste, takes away mistakes, personality, your writing and soul, so let's find a way to get 'inspired' by AI and improve chunks of your document.

particularly I see this as a way to specialise a word processor for writing specific documents really well, anything, dull, hard, monotonous, particularly Resumes/CV's

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