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A good day

You know when you fix something but your are not entirely sure how. At this stage in my new job I am now taking the initiative to plagiarise and bastardise other team developers code like I'm cramming the last bin bag in the bin and it doesn't look like it will fit. It's a joyful experience when it actually works and so far this total disregard for code quality is working fine.

Today I had to refactor my trail of destruction and honestly it wasn't that bad with my beautiful new editor Webstorm. It's also not that bad because by some miracle I was heading in the right direction with my solution. The concept I understand but the execution was a bit off. It's taken 10x as long (makes me a 10x developer) but I can see the way to not make the same mistakes and maybe just maybe deliver my 1 story before the sprint is out.

Fun times thanks for reading.

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