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Discussion on: A Personal Git Repo as a Knowledge Base Wiki

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Adam Braimah Author • Edited

I've actually never known another developer do this (or if they have, they've been quiet about it), but I guess writing about it attracts other people who think the same way!

Making content public or private is down to personal choice of course, but I think there's something to be said about removing the pressure of the public gaze and tailoring the content to exactly what you need. There's also a benefit if you want to use code snippets/examples/diagrams (or entire topics) that you explicitly don't want to share for whatever reason. However, using an open source format like MD means that it's very easy to port content out from one repo to another if there's something to share more widely.

Thanks for the link! I tried to launch the site itself but couldn't get it to respond to any searches - are there any pre-requisites for the browser running it?

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Chad Alen • Edited

Some of the devs I've worked with use I tried it, but I didn't want to pay for it. I like the personal wiki approach but I prefer the approach more. Everyone can contribute and knowledge share. Saves everyone time, making everyone more productive.

For my site yeah there's not much content currently cause I just started it. Try searching for one of these though.


  • Git
  • VSCode
  • Lua
  • Markdown
  • Sass
  • Screen
  • Vim
  • Yarn


  • JSON Editor
  • Phobia
  • Tailwind playground
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