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Arik on July 19, 2018

Two months ago my camel's back broke. I was part of another online developers community and after getting one too many undeserved insults from ... [Read Full]
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You know, I almost never get to write a comment. But thanks to this it felt a bit different, a bit more welcomed to do so :) I am not really sure what you did but it works and if applied properly it could help people out be more communicative on other posts here as well ^


I couldn't have said any of this better myself. I felt a bit embarrassed that this post, and a lot of other great momentum for the community, coincided with some random downtime yesterday and this morning, but smooth sailing ahead!

Thanks for being an awesome community leader since joining up. We look forward to working hard to grow the positive impact of the project going forward.


The pleasure is all mine. And thank you guys for doing what you're doing.

And by the way, these downtimes are a good sign. means we're growing! And with growth comes the perks of scalability :-)


Thank you for the post Arik. Been lurking since I found this community a few weeks ago. Now I will write something in the welcome thread and fill out my profile. Not that because I have to, but because I want to.


Nice post and great read. My first ever comment after almost one year on


Hi Arik 👋. Glad you're loving as well. I've really been enjoying posting content on the site (so much easier than Medium) and also I've been enjoying reading a lot of the content. 🔥 If you haven't already, you should check out the chat as well,


Great to see you around Arik.

Even if you're not an "expert" on the matter

Most people suffer from the "Impostor's Syndrome".

But everyone has a different background/knowledge.

I am sure we can all learn from each other.


Now I have to leave a comment just to avoid feeling bad.

Kidding, awesome post!

This profile here is for other humans to read to get to know you, not for machines to figure our how to target ads at you.

This a thousands times! Online exchanges are so much better when it feels like you are talking to an actual person rather than just a nobody with an empty profile. And it doesn't take that much time to fill up a profile...


Thank you for this article! I've been here for quite some time and indeed never got a comment on my welcome post haha. But this made me happy ! Love the positivity :)


I never usually comment but this post made me do it. Thanks for sharing!


I had never added comment to any article before now or really been part of online community but your post has given me a different perspective. Thanks Arik.


Glad you are here Arik. I'm really enjoying this community as well. I hope as it grows we can keep toxicity to a minimum.


This is so nice, nice story and I am feeling very welcomed. So, thank you.
And, as a young mother, starting to learn how to code with a baby and all the things that come with the baby, I will definitely write an article about my journey. Thank you.


So awesome! Can't wait to read that post. I'll bet it's going to inspire many other women to follow your footsteps.


Thanks Arik, appreciate the time you took to post this. New to this community and after many years of doing other things (not computer related) trying to get into the big scary world of programming as its what I have always loved. Will be keeping an eye on your posts going forward.
Thanks Arik


Awesome! Can't wait to see what you're going to create.


Wow it's really different article. Thanks for welcome us. I'm also a newcomer I also wanna write something about my confusions because I'm becoming an electrical engineer and I love programming and I love computing and stuff but I wanna work and earn practically but I want to work online and to find a job online is really difficult. If anyone have solution to that plzz let me know.


I am brand new here, drawn to by a post by a Twitter person whom I follow and wanted to Heart her article (Break Git Down).

I'm sceptical of comments. After seeing so much trash in other popular forums, I took the comments offline from my own blog (I was using Google Plus, ha ha). But this community feels different, not only because of posts like this.

With so much negative energy in the Net, it's great to find a positive place like this. Think I'll stick around for more


Awesome stuff. Yes, we try our best with welcoming everyone seeking to learn and improve. Great to have you here Michael.


And I'm just a freshman to programming and computing I've learned python and C programming but I didn't get to work on any project related to them. I was really shy at first to share this online with anyone that I just a newcomer and asking for a job and earning money. Thanks to that article I shared my confusion!!!


Great article, thanks for writing it.

I believe that after a long search I've found a place to get back to blogging. Really appreciate you sharing this article as it expresses what I believe a community should be and it encourages me to start blogging again, we should be always constructive and positive, supporting each other, some of the same principles that are present in great development teams.


I stumbled upon this post thanks to the welcome email, and I'm glad I did!

I am usually wary of posting or getting involved in communities, but I really want to start contributing. This article really gave me that boost of confidence that I was looking for!

Thank you for sharing this!


We need to keep this community as friendly as possible.

I am sorry you've been through such a bad experience with the other community, but you are home now :D

By the way, I too sometimes wonder "how come not everybody wants to be a programmer."


Hey Arik, this was a nice welcome article. It was unique. Thank you.


"I'd especially want to welcome you if you took the time and wrote a little blurb on the welcome thread that never got any love or comments."

Yep, that's me! Soooo newbie with no hearts and no unicorns :(( hahaha! But I still feel welcomed at this great community <3. Great post, thank you!!


Thanks for this post Arik! Similar to Alex's comment, after reading your post I started feeling more comfortable leaving comments and this is one of my first ones. Also validates that this is the right community for me :)


Awesome & congrats to the Dev team!

There def is something different about the community over here at Dev. Right from the website look and feel, the colours, fonts, the playful-yet helpful vibe, to the members and the content created..

Sure there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes by the dev team to keep it this way.

Appreciate it.


Really, it's a post that touches the reality, reveals expressions, and shares ideas to face it. It's a reminder for me to improve things mentioned which I'll be doing, a few now and some later. Also, I don't want to leave without admiring such a thoughtful community that believes in appraising instead of diminishing its newbies. Thank you for summing up your experiences and advice to establish and build a better identity.


Great article! I just joined a couple of days ago and you've reminded me to finish filling out my profile and reply to the welcome thread. I already get a great feeling from this community. I look forward to supporting and contributing here more <3


"And by the way, it doesn't matter you write about or if there's a million articles on the subject already. Your experience is unique. Your perspective is unique. Your background is unique. So just please share it with us."

oh, arik... thank you so much for this little gem. THIS is why i'm gonna start writing and sharing even though i just started programming and english is not my first language. i just need to put myself out there and it's incredible to know that is a platform for that, so welcoming to newbs like me.


Awesome! Can't wait to read your articles.


So stoked on this post, these comments, and this community.


Thanks for writing this. I'm new to and pretty new to web development in general. You have encouraged me to participate more in these articles and discussions.


A lot of what you wrote is why I adopted Dev and not some other place!


Thanks for posting this Arik! You've encourage me to update my profile. Maybe soon enough I'll start contributing some awesome posts here too!


This is WONDERFUL! Thanks for the article, @acoh3n .

Hey @ben , this should totally be an automatically recommended read every time someone creates a new account! :)


I'm pretty sure this is a very welcoming community by devs for devs! ☝️🤗. Your thoughts @bendhalpern ?


I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.
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After a really negative experience with what may be the same community you encountered its really refreshing to read this article and feel comfortable enough to comment. :)


Me too! I do have a question. I’ve noticed there are mainly articles here. Can we ask specific code questions?


Oh man stop this, another lover , OMG they're spreading ! haha

cool man, we all love this community, buy a T-shirt, they have cool ones :


thanks for this! i am new to the community and look forward to contributing :)


Thank you for the wonderful welcome and inspiration to contribute!


Thanks for posting this. I joined recently and it convinced me to stop lurking and make my presence known. :)


Thanks a lot for this post! I’ve just found this community, it looks awesome.


Thanks, Arik. This is wonderful and I will try my best to apply what I have learned from this wonderful article.


Thanks so much for this amazing article Arik. It's going to definitely help me make the best out of Really grateful. ❤️


Hi Arik,

As a new member of this community, I just want to say thank you for this post and a side thank you to the creators of

Greatly appreciate you all taking the time.


I love this community and I feel like I am at my home


Yeah i agree with you, it feels much better when new comers get welcome kit :)


Thanks, the plataform is awesome and i am taking my time to come and learn something new everyday, i hope to be able to share some fun stories about my experience as developer too


Welcome! And we'd love to hear about your experi


Profiles are the bane of my existence but I'll give it a go. Also why I'm writing this comment Consider yourself an inspiration


I am new developer. I was confused of the concept,not know what to learn,even where to start.
This post has given me hope and feel like home with skilful and experience brothers.
Thank you very much.


Thanks for writing this! I agree with the sentiment that this is a lovely community, and hope we can work together to keep it that way.


I was introduced to this community by someone, and I feel so grateful! Thank you for your warm welcome 😍


Thank you very much, Arik. I landed on this article from the 'How to make the most of DEV' email. Very good points. Will follow them. This comment is the first step towards that direction.


Thanks for this little guide! I'm beginning to think that I'll like it here... :D

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