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Web developer travelling the world until further notice 🌎 πŸ‘£. Indie Maker πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€ Dog Lover 🐢 Founder of Squarecat.io 😺.


Degree in Computer Science


Frontend developer at Squarecat

We live streamed for 14 hours from Bali for our v2.0 launch!

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Announcing the Official Launch of Leave Me Alone v2.0

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We were featured in Lifehacker and got 1,057 new customers in 5 days

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How we get awesome testimonials from our customers

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Unwanted emails dump 28,397 tonnes of COβ‚‚ into the atmosphere every day

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Case Study: Taking back control of my inbox with an indie product

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#showdevTeaching new languages to our bot

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How we use a popup for Google and Outlook OAuth

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How to unsubscribe from spam emails in Gmail and Outlook using Leave Me Alone

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A Couple of Nomad Makers: burnout, challenges, and lessons learned

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A Couple of Nomad Makers: finding friends and side project profits

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Our first successful product launch! πŸš€

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A Couple of Nomad Makers: the story of how it all began

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What does it mean to be an Open Startup?

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Building a Startup completely in theΒ Open

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A Privacy Focused Alternative to Unroll.me and Unsubscriber

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