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Skriptex - Launch scripts from Slack

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Hi developpers,

I've worked on a tool "Skriptex" to run scripts directly from Slack.
You can see it here:

It's a program that you can call as a command in any Slack channel, by running: /skript, and it goes like this:

a. An interface to list your scripts

Screenshot of Skriptex

b. An editor to code, in different languages (currently Python, Javascript and Ruby)

Screenshot of Skriptex

It is useful for different purposes: business process automation customer support, system administration, and many other things.

As it's a new app I've just launched, I'm eager to hear from you:

  • As far as how the tool works, would you feel comfortable writing a script in it?
  • Could you easily imagine a few things you'd dream of automating in Slack?
  • Is it something that speaks to you?

Any feedback is welcome, feel free to comment!

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