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A website to do API calls from CSV / Excel sheet

Hey there,

I want to share my MVP with you and get early feedback about my tool. Would you have a few minutes for me?

The concept is the following: As a developer, working for many startups, I've been asked many times to import tabular data, from excel sheets, CSV files, and JSON, ... into APIs. Most of the time, I'm able to do it using code, but I would have loved to have a tool to do that. And, I'm pretty sure many people also shared the same need.

My main questions are

Does it ring a bell to you? Is this something that you already had to achieve?
If yes, would you have paid for a tool to achieve that when you needed it?

I've drafted something:
It's still very draft, doesn't use HTTPs, is hosted on a tiny EC2 machine that reboots often, so, don't consider it's reliable yet. But, do you think it's worth extending it and making it a real product?

Thanks a lot :)

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