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【Notice】Zinx open source license has been changed from GPL 3.0 to MIT.

After discussions among Zinx developers, we have decided to change Zinx's open-source license from GPL 3.0 (GNU General Public License) to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology License). This change is aimed at allowing more enterprises and individual developers to freely use Zinx in production environments and to satisfy their freedom of choice regarding open-source intentions.

(Suitable for all versions of Zinx development)

In brief,

"Zinx no longer mandates that derivative works be open-sourced. Applications using Zinx in enterprise or individual projects can be closed-source and freely used. Enterprises/developers have the freedom to choose whether to open-source their projects."

Credits to all developers for their continuous support of Zinx!

Zinx v1.2.5 Release


  • LICENSE: Changed from GPL3.0 to MIT 692cfcf

  • Added a new module called RequestPool. #312

  • Refactored verifyLogIsolation() for a more concise expression. #287

  • Changed SendBuffMsg() to SendToQueue(). #295

  • Added several configuration options for setting up KCP connections. #299

  • In an independent coroutine, addclosecallback() can add any number of callback methods to conn, and execute them in the order they were added when conn.stop() is called. #301

  • Updated the way of cyclically registering HeartBeat routes. #304

  • The management of Request objects is changed to be handled by a sync pool object pool, and the usage of Request context is enhanced. #305

  • When WebSocket starts, console prompts. #311

  • Removed unnecessary info logs. #314


  • Fixed [Panic]: send on closed channel. #318, #319

  • Fixed routerSlice deep copy. #294

  • Fixed go protobuf v1.26 msg.pb.go compatibility. #306

  • Fixed Request read-write lock to the lock itself instead of a pointer, reducing null safety risks. #307

  • Fixed htlv MaxFrameLength. 879a33e

Zinx Github:

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