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SaaS platform with integrated 3D body measurement technology

This post is a short overview of an Abto Software R&D project.

A platform with accurate 3D body measurement technology

Abto Software was hired for the solution design and implementation of a 3D body measurement technology. Our company has covered every stage from investigation, product design, and prototyping, to deployment. During the first stages, the concept was unfinished – it required many photographs to capture every angle. Having conducted in-depth discovery, we implemented another concept, which works with only 2 photographs and ensures high accuracy.

Abto Software has joined to deliver an intricate R&D project, but with extensive expertise in delivering:

  • AI-based pose detection technology
  • CV-based body measurement technology

and some great results after the initial stages, our engineers were involved to provide full-cycle services, including additional functionality updates, as well as ongoing product support and maintenance.

Enabling contact-free body scanning in real-time

At the first stage, we determined our priorities, which were:

  • Building a SaaS 3D measuring technology to provide valuable services to businesses across industries – clothing manufacturers, online and offline retailers, fitness companies, and more
  • Integrating the custom 3D measuring technology into businesses and handling additional services

During the complex project, we covered multiple services, which are:

  • In-depth investigation
  • Solution design
  • Product prototyping
  • Web and mobile development
  • Third-party integrations
  • Functionality extension
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

3D measurement technology implementation: Our solution

The concept we introduced:

  • During registration, the user first provides personal information
  • Before utilization, the user must place the smartphone at knee- to waist-level
  • The app will provide audio guidance on how to position the body
  • The app will use the smartphone’s front camera to take two photos
  • When finished, the system will conduct image segmentation to remove the background
  • After that, the system will send the avatar to the cloud server to perform the measurement

The features to mention:

  • Simple registration
  • Data protection
  • Quick processing
  • Progress tracking

Image description

3D measurement technology implementation: Key challenges

Concept fine-tuning

At first, the concept was way too difficult – the system has required 24 images to perform the measurement. After research and some major re-configurations, the concept we introduced has exceeded our expectations – the system could handle the measurement with only 2 images, and without external assistance.

Image description

Data protection

To provide accurate measurements, the system uses photos, which, naturally, raises serious privacy concerns. To resolve this problem, we conducted thorough investigation and implemented cutting-edge technology, which performs image segmentation, so that personal information isn’t uploaded to the cloud server.

Image description

Exposure adjustment

Every additional light source – windows, lamps, mirror reflections – might disfigure final exposure and quality. Having configured dynamic adjustments at the algorithm level, we eliminated any disturbance.

Architecture refactoring

To customize their product, the customers would need numerous configurations, which disrupts system logic. To handle this challenge, we optimize the configurations for each individual customer and even take over architecture refactoring.

Summing up

By leveraging domain-specific knowledge & experience, we implemented 3D body measurement technology. To date, the product is benefiting mature businesses – apparel manufacturers, online and offline retailers, fitness providers, – and end-users across industries.

At the very moment, we assist the client in the smooth integration of the 3D body measurement technology into the customer platforms, also providing ongoing support and maintenance.

By leveraging exhaustive expertise in utilizing advanced technology, in particular:

  • Artificial intelligence, data analytics, and other related subfields
  • Computer vision

We delivered an accurate 3D body measurement technology, which efficiently:

  • Increases reach and share – by providing unique features and precision, the system is helping the client to reach more customers and enter new markets
  • Drives revenue – by rising sales volumes, the solution multiplies performance and revenue

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Dana Todd

Thank you for sharing the journey, it's very interesting to me. I've been working with a number of 3D body measurement extraction technologies over the past years, and one of the things that we've found (outside of accuracy issues) is that the data generated does not easily integrate with other systems for clothing manufacture or building dynamic patterns. My company Balodana uses 3DLook and AIMIRR, both of which approach body measurements in a different way. I'm also part of an ad hoc group called Open Circle Apparel Coalition, and we're hands-on testing interoperability and standards. You can see a few bits of what we found, presented last fall at 3D Body Tech:

It would be very interesting to keep up with your work, and also share with you garment industry needs, limitations, etc.

danatodd profile image
Dana Todd

Oh, also: you may not be aware but there are efforts underway at IEEE to standardize landmark names and other data labels, methodologies. You can learn more and join th efforts here