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re: Everything depends on the needs. Every startup that is growing should take hands on Flutter/RN. Easy learning curve (mostly for web devs) and fast ...

Thanks a lot, but have u tried using react native? I agree flutter is a little bit better but react is improving fast and the community and people really would help u when u face an issue, I was actually advised to learn react native and drop flutter when I started


Hi, I haven't tried React native yet but I have been in talks about it. It is way better to write and style UI in react-native/flutter than in Android native IMO.

The community is a very good point, since you will easily find support for common and not too common issues.

Learn what you like or what you are more curious about! Today Google supports Flutter but tomorrow they may not. Same for Facebook and same on reverse (supporting flutter instead of native). As a developer we need to be prepared to change our tech stack in any moment

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