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Taking Notes On Terminal Made Simple: Introducing AppNotEx for Linux


In the world of Linux, quick note-taking is a must for many users. Whether you're jotting down ideas, keeping track of important information, or simply need a place to store your thoughts, having a reliable note-taking tool is essential. Meet AppNotEx, a Linux terminal-based note keeper that simplifies the process of taking and organizing your notes.


For Arch Linux users, installing AppNotEx is a breeze. You can use the AUR package manager to install it:

yay -S appnotex
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For other distro users you can build the tool from source easily -

Clone the AppNotEx repository:

git clone && cd AppNotEx
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Initialize and update submodules:

git submodule init && git submodule update
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Build the AppNotEx binary:

make builddir && make
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You'll find the compiled binary in the bin folder. Then just add the binary to your path using export command and that's it.


So you might be thinking what's the use of this tool for me? Well, sometimes you might be working on your terminal doing something & you remember some other works or do later thing suddenly and you wish to take a quick note there without the need to leave your terminal. In this case the AppNotEx comes in play, using this tool you can take quick notes on the terminal and then whenever needed you can even export those notes to any format using the --export parameter. Or you can view all the notes using --print command

appnotex --print 
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The above command will print all the saved notes in the terminal. Under the hood the tool uses SQLITE3 database to quickly perform the asked tasks and also work inside the terminal. So you can also easily migrate or modify the database if you know a bit of SQL.

Mushfiqur Rahman Abir
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