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Setting up an audience targeting on your Facebook ad Manager.

Setting your detailed target audience on Ad Manager

In Facebook ad creation, audience targeting falls in the New ad set stage, i.e the second stage of the ad setup on Ad Manager, the result of the campaign ad is somewhat dependent on the audience targeting as well because the general aim of running ad is to reach out to the business audience. However, before embarking on this task of setting up an ad on Facebook, we need to first:

  • Create a detailed Audience analysis report for your brand Set up your Professional Facebook page, and add all necessary business information like phone number, contact address, and business description. You can now proceed to your Ad Manager on your account. Ensure that your main Facebook account is allowed to run ads. Whichever account you’ll want to use, you can verify this by clicking on ad manager/create ad, it will display a drop box of caution if it is restricted, if not, then you’re good to go.

  • Now, moving on to the audience set- The ad IDE(Integrated development environment) is in 3 phases which are; campaign name, Ad set name, and Ad name. The audience setting will be done on the Ad set name category, Procedures are:

Click on edit audience In alignment with your already made audience analysis, set those whom your ad campaign is targeting, and select the right gender, and age.

Select the location you’ll like to display your ad to. Move on to a detailed targeting audience, here you can make wide changes to your audience, by browsing the interest, behavior, and demography of people as regards your brand. That’s why knowing much about your audience is crucial to generating results. During the process of editing your detailed targeting audience, the slide by the right-side corner updates as any changes are made. Note that if the slide displays audience unavailable, it means that you have made the wrong editing of audience and your ads will not be shown to the right audience.

All you need to do is to go back to editing the detailed targeting audience to re-edit or click on the performance per goal option to select the right option that best suits your campaign.

Of course, your ad campaign requires enough knowledge and experience before it can perform well. As a newbie, you keep learning and practicing to become better.
Hope this is impact? you can add your view in the comment session. Thank you.

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