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How I got 100+ ⭐️ in just less than a day on GitHub?!

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My Github Repo awesome-github-profile-readme got 100+ 🌟 in just less than a day, I will explain how this repo is helping people to get more insights regarding the new cool feature, launched by GitHub i.e Github Profile README.

So, what exactly is a Github Profile README? 🤔

Since the release of the Github Profile README, which happened just about a couple of days ago, there have been a lots and lots of tweets and articles on Twitter and DEV about what the Github Profile README is about and how you can set up your own. I found this awesome article by Monica Powell to get you started:

So, what does Awesome Github Profile README has to do with it?👀

It's actually a place, where you'll find a list of all the awesome Github Profile READMEs, which Tools they have used to make it more interactive, and also a few bunch of famous known Articles, which give insights and more ideas on how you can set up your own.


That's it :D
I hope you guys like it. And make sure to give it a star on Github

P.S - If anyone, who thinks that their README is beautiful or stands out in some way, then they can showcase their GitHub profile readme in the discussion section 😉.

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Congrats! 🍾
My main project, although very niche (a programming language aimed towards music) has 149 and is on github since 2016!!!

You surf on the wave plus nicely communicate about it 👍


Oh, I just gave a star 🚀 and made it to 150 now
BTW, Thanks :p


Thanks for some great examples. I had not been aware of aligning texts or images until I saw this one: github.com/harshkumarkhatri/harshk...

Thus, as a part of your README.md you can use both options:

  • <p align="center">...</p>
  • <img align="right" />

This is actually awesome! ♥

But there are still some repos like → github.com/wesbos/wesbos
I wonder when he realizes and renames his website project repo to something other than his username.😀


He still needed to click the enable button. I'm sure he is aware.


I used a simple approach too. Any suggestions are welcome. github.com/MarikIshtar007


Yea, it looks fine to me, you can make a PR if you're interested :)


I don't want to be that guy, but the title is kind of misleading and makes you think there would be general tips and tricks to promote any project. You don't really talk about the topic you put in the title.

I congratulate you for the stars, but this is basically another "How To Create A GitHub Profile README" post. The title could be a tad more accurate.
You got me, this time! :D


Yea I agree with you, but i just wanted to have a catchy title, so that people can atleast open the post 😅


you put your repo at the right time at the right place


I built a project that helps people show a visitor count badge and a few others, it's open source, check it out here


Strange, I actually didn't knew about you're article!


Shouldn't this "repo" be an article? It seems like a list of links 🤔