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How To Create A GitHub Profile README

Monica Powell
Hi, I'm Monica! I'm a product engineer who is building technology to elevate people and is currently focusing on growing the React Ladies community for React developers.
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GitHub recently released a feature that allows users to create a profile-level README to display prominently on their GitHub profile. This article walksthrough how to access this new feature. I'll also be sharing some fun GitHub profiles I've seen so far. I'd love it if you shared yours with me on Twitter @waterproofheart.
The header GIF shows what my README looks like at the time of this writing. You may notice I was recently selected to be GitHub star!


The GitHub profile-level README feature allows more content than the profile bio, supports markdown which means you can play around with the content more visually (Did someone say GIFs!?) and the README is significantally more visible as it is placed above pinned repositories and takes up as much space above the fold of the webpage as you like.

A solid README is a core-component of well-documented software and often encourages collaboration by sharing helpful context with contributors. In my opinion, a profile-level README seems like a great extension of a convention a lot of GitHub users are already familiar with. If you're looking to make project-level READMEs more awesome and helpful check out matiassingers/awesome-readme for resources and examples of compelling READMEs.

How do I create a profile README?

The profile README is created by creating a new repository that’s the same name as your username. For example, my GitHub username is m0nica so I created a new repository with the name m0nica. Note: at the time of this writing, in order to access the profile README feature, the letter-casing must match your GitHub username.

If you already have a project in a repo-named username/username and are interested in setting up a profile-level README, then I recommend either re-naming that repository or re-purposing the existing project's README based on what makes the most sense in your particular situation.

  1. Create a new repository with the same name (including casing) as your GitHub username:

  2. Create a file inside the new repo with content (text, GIFs, images, emojis, etc.)

  3. Commit your fancy new README!

    • If you're on GitHub's web interface you can choose to commit directly to the repo's main branch (i.e., master or main) which will make it immediately visible on your profile)
  4. Push changes to GitHub (if you made changes locally i.e., on your computer and not

screenshot of the GitHub page for creating new repositories


The GitHub README profiles are written in Markdown which means you aren't just limited to texts and links, you can include GIFs and images. Need to brush up on Markdown Syntax? Check out this Markdown Cheatsheet.

If you're really ambitious you can use GitHub actions or other automation like bdougieYO or simonw to dynamically pull data into your README:

Serverless functions can also be used to dynamically generate information (for example your current Spotify activity):

I'm a huge proponent that folks should maintain a website they have complete ownership over (even if it's a no-code website solution) but this is tempting...

I've been inspired by the creative READMEs I've seen so far and am looking forward to seeing all kinds of profiles in the upcoming months.

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coderjojo profile image

I have created Developer Profile repository with a bunch of GitHub profiles so that others will get inspiration to create their own. Do consider to contribute with your profile also.

itsasine profile image
ItsASine (Kayla)

Only downside I can see to this is that the README seems meant to be a living document. Mine is a bunch of gifs now, but later I could update it to actually be professional or something and less awesome.

coderjojo profile image

You may update it later in the repo also.

Thread Thread
itsasine profile image
ItsASine (Kayla)

I see screenshots got added recently, nice! :)

sarehprice profile image
Sarah Price

I saw someone post theirs the other day with a fun animation. I hadn't realized this was a new feature so I thought they were just joking around. But this is great! I'm going to have to do some brainstorming on mine. Maybe I'll see how much of my design skills I can use in it as well!

ayushkumar25 profile image
Ayush Kumar • Edited

My Github.
For more cool templates.

jacques_blom profile image
Jacques Blom • Edited

I've set mine up to automatically pull in my latest uploads from YouTube, using a Netlify Serverless function:

shadowscientist profile image
Shadow Scientist

Wow! that's great!

vadorequest profile image
Vadorequest • Edited

Just built mine in 2h time really quickly, with github stats, trophies, SO feed, medium feed, etc.

Thanks to which helped me bootstrap real quick!

rahuldkjain profile image
Rahul Jain

Tired of updating GitHub profle README with latest features again & again?

If yes, then I have developed a tool to do the same for you in just 1 click 🤓

🚀 Try the tool: live tool

If you find the tool useful, show some love by giving a ⭐ on github repo

GitHub logo rahuldkjain / github-profile-readme-generator

🚀 Generate GitHub profile README easily with the latest add-ons like visitors count, GitHub stats, etc using minimal UI.

GitHub Profile Readme Generator

GitHub Profile README Generator

github-profile-readme-generator licence github-profile-readme-generator forks github-profile-readme-generator stars github-profile-readme-generator issues github-profile-readme-generator pull-requests join discord community of github profile readme generator

github-profile-readme-generator gif

View Demo · Report Bug · Request Feature

Loved the tool? Please consider donating 💸 to help it improve!

sponsor github profile readme generator Buy Coffee for rahuldkjain Buy Me A Coffee

Tired of editing GitHub Profile README with new features? This tool provides an easy way to create a GitHub profile readme with the latest add-ons such as visitors count, github stats, etc. 🚀 Demo

Try the tool: GitHub Profile README Generator

🧐 Features

Just fill in the details such as Name, Tagline, Dev Platforms Username, Current Work, Portfolio, Blog, etc. with a minimal UI.

  • Uniform Dev Icons

  • Uniform Social Icons

  • Visitors Counter Badge

  • GitHub Profile Stats Card

  • GitHub Top Skills

  • GitHub Streak Stats

  • Dynamic Dev(.)to Blogs (GitHub Action)

  • Dynamic Medium Blogs (GitHub Action)

  • Dynamic Personal Blogs from RSS Feed (GitHub Action)

  • Wakatime Stats contribute

  • Buy Me A Coffee button

Click on Generate README to get your README in markdown

sanchitbajaj02 profile image
Sanchit Bajaj

It's great and easy to use

israelias profile image
Joem Elias Sanez

Great piece. Newbie, but took a friendly first pass at this — bonus CV frontier!

imshravan profile image
Shravan Kumar B

Hi, do check this project, to beautify your profile readme. Star it, if you like it.

GitHub Dynamic Animated Quote Generator

GitHub logo shravan20 / github-readme-quotes

Dynamic quote generator for your GitHub readmes


Dynamic quote generator for your GitHub readmes


alt PRs Welcome Open Source? Yes! GitHub contributors Pull Request Counts last commit deployment-status community chat

Github Readme Quotes

Copy and paste the following markdown content to display the quote.

Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode


You can display your quote in different themes without any manual customization.

Use ?theme=THEME_NAME parameter as shown below.

Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode

Available Themes

dark, radical, merko, gruvbox, tokyonight, onedark, cobalt, synthwave, highcontrast, dracula





Light Theme


You can explore different themes here.

Feel free to contribute different themes.


You can also change the layout of your templates.

Use ?layout=LAYOUT parameter as shown below

Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode

Layout 1 (Default)


Layout 2 (Socrates)


You can explore different layouts here.

Feel free to contribute different layouts.


You can also add animations to your templates.

Use ?animation=ANIMATION paramater as shown below

Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode

Animation 1


You can explore different animations…

arturssmirnovs profile image
Arturs Smirnovs

You inspired me to make my own readme and make this open source project #justforfun that allows you to generate github readme files:

harshalrj25 profile image
harshal jadhav • Edited

Here's mine which shows your latest medium blogs.

checkout my repo to add medium blogs to your profile.

punitkmryh_93 profile image
Punitkumar Y Harsoor • Edited

I did my own have a look:
Github Profile /punitkmryh

shadowscientist profile image
Shadow Scientist

Nice! I love that illustration! are you a Dribbbler?

10secondsofcode profile image
Elango Sundar

I have created a repository for awesome github profile aims to collect the all awesome beautiful READMEs profile and make your Profile look good & Inspire other's.

koraylinux profile image
Koray Biçer

I think the simplest profile page is mine.

That's all it takes when you're not a developer :)

shadowscientist profile image
Shadow Scientist

Simple yet cool! ❤️

odalet profile image

Hi! Do you know if this is also available to organizations?

ileriayo profile image
Ileriayo Adebiyi

This feature may be that solution for

  • a website (sort of); a win-win for you if you
  • write your blogs in markdown, push to GitHub and publish on,,
  • one more thing, custom domain.

Thanks for sharing Monica!

vindiv profile image
Vincenzo Di Vico

After reading this article i've created my readme. it's a work in progress and i'll update it, but i'm happy of the result. i've used an animation of me in my real office in flat style and with this avatar. next time i'll "upgrade" the animation with more element

jmau111 profile image
Julien Maury • Edited

pretty cool, I did not pay attention to that before, thanks for sharing

rodrigograca31 profile image
Rodrigo Graça 👨🏻‍💻🐛

Not wanting to plug my self but I think my profile also looks pretty nice and has a few easter eggs:

jamesgeorge007 profile image
James George

I've built a GitHub Action that updates README with the recent activity of a user.

GitHub logo jamesgeorge007 / github-activity-readme

Updates README with the recent GitHub activity of a user

GitHub Activity in Readme

Updates with the recent GitHub activity of a user.



  • Add the comment <!--START_SECTION:activity--> (entry point) within You can find an example here.

  • It's the time to create a workflow file.


name: Update README

    - cron: '*/30 * * * *'

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    name: Update this repo's README with recent activity

      - uses: actions/checkout@v2
      - uses: jamesgeorge007/github-activity-readme@master
          GITHUB_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}
Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode

The above job runs every half an hour, you can change it as you wish based on the cron syntax.

Please note that only those public events that belong to the following list show up:-

  • IssueEvent
  • IssueCommentEvent
  • PullRequestEvent

You can find an example here.

Override defaults

Use the following input params to customize it for…

baalkrshna profile image
Puneet Gopinath

Hey James George, you no longer maintain it. So here is a fork of it to use instead:

GitHub logo Readme-Workflows / recent-activity

Add your recent activity to your profile readme!

Recent Activity

GitHub stars GitHub forks GitHub issues GitHub repo size Lines of code Discord Chat Contributor Covenant

This GitHub Action is a Fork of the original GitHub Activity Readme Action by jamesgeorge007.
Its our goal is to improve the original GitHub Action while also providing new features for the users.

Live Preview

This is an example live preview that is updated every time a commit is pushed using github actions.

Last Updated: Thursday, May 20th, 2021, 3:17:39 PM (GMT)

  1. ❗️ Closed issue #5 in Readme-Workflows/recent-activity
  2. 🎉 Merged PR #6 in Readme-Workflows/recent-activity
  3. 🗣 Commented on #3 in Readme-Workflows/recent-activity
  4. ❗️ Closed issue #4 in Readme-Workflows/recent-activity
  5. 💪 Opened PR #6 in Readme-Workflows/recent-activity


The Action currently has the following Settings that you can set through the with option.

Option Description Default Supported Placeholder
GH_USERNAME The User to get latest activity from Repository Owner
COMMIT_MSG The Commit Message to use when updating the README ⚡ Update README with the recent activity
MAX_LINES How many activities to display 5
aayushidroid profile image
Aayushi Sharma

Hi there 👋

I am aayushi Sharma. I Love ❤️ programming and currently working as Machine learning engineer.

Language & Skills

  • Python
  • C++
  • JavaScipt
  • Web Development
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep learning
  • Natural language processing
  • App Development

Things got bugs, gonna smash them one by one


rdnine profile image
Rafael Duarte

What a nice feature!

This is going to my to-do for future build!

Thanks 👍

king11 profile image
Lakshya Singh

I made mine after seeing this post thanks a lot.

My Readme : Profile

kkvanonymous profile image
Kunal Kumar Verma

This inspired me to make my own Github readme profile.
Thx for the same :)
Here's the link : Github

danmba profile image

Is there any way in markdown to do a responsive image (ie. different images for different widths)?

You can use an img tag in GitHub markdown, but it doesn't support srcset.

sanchitbajaj02 profile image
Sanchit Bajaj • Edited

Profile Image
My Github Profile.
If you like my work, do give a ⭐

ketanrajpal profile image
Ketan Rajpal

Ketan Rajpal Github Profile Readme

My Github Profile Readme

mridul037 profile image
mridul037 • Edited
zeecnla profile image
Cesar Melchor

Thanks for this! I had no idea 🤯. I have to think about how creative to make mine!

anitajoseph profile image
Anita Joseph

Thanks for the steps to be followed ans also the exemples.

caffiendkitten profile image
DaNeil C

This is such an underused feature. Thanks for sharing it!