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Hello there!!! Hope you are doing great!! Generally on different websites like Quora , Stackoverflow or in different communities you had seen... [Read Full]
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I started learning programming with Java. I made some very dummy console apps. But I wanted more, so I went to create some desktop application with Swing.... Although they looked nice and had their own purpose, I wanted even more. At those times I knew nothing about Javascript and the world of web, and it seemed a useful skill, so I started off again with the basics, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. After a while, when I had a few dummy websites, I thought that I love both world, I mean Java and the web... so it was quite straightforward to move onto web frameworks, like Spring and Play. I had to learn databases too, to be able to make web applications... :) And now I am here at a software company with 3 years of experience being a Spring and web dev. :)
So if I can give one piece of advice: always have a side project you can practice with and learn from!


Generally people are not able to manage time i.e. they wanna learn both web and coding together but they fail because if see both branch are interesting and also time taking . If wanna perfection then you need alot of practice due to which it's time taking. But you manage that's interesting part. So can you explain what was the time management in your case??


Well... I would not say that I have a plan to manage time... I do things till I am at least a bit satisfied with the result. I know I have to learn a lot and I do everything I can to achieve more and more. I am a student at a university at the same time, and it also takes a lot of time to be there, I work at the software company, and I am into startup things, too. But I know I have to learn new stuff and I have to master them, so I guess this is about focus and passion, nothing else.... :)

Nice now I feel motivated after reading your comment. And Thanks Leonora(mam) for sharing your journey. Nice talk with you . Thank you

Hi mam I wanna ask you one more question which I forgot to ask.
As you have a 3 years of experience and in present time we can see even in our community we have a lot of peoples who wanna work as web developer and more peoples want to start so if see there is a lot of competition so in that case if you wanna job in this field you have some extra skill. Then which type of skill we can add to increase our market value to get a job as web developer in future?
And why these days it's continuously more peoples wanna learn is that because it's so easy or it's sounds so cool ??

Good questions. I would not say that you should have some extra skill. I think people are impressed by your side projects. If you can show 2 or 3 projects on different or slightly different stacks, then I guess you are all set! :)
I agree, many people want to get into this world, partly because it is cool, partly because it sounds easy, but I guess many of them are into this because of the good money....

Thank you mam for sharing your journey and thanks for to be so nice and explaining every things so frankly .
I learned a lot of important points .
Thanks again .
Good luck , keep learning and happy coding ...


Hi everyone,
I started my programming career by learning C language.Then i started coding solutions to bookish problems.
Started with competitive programming sites, i went to focussing upon algorithms.Implemented most of solutions in C++.In my university, courses like OOPs and DS helped me further in growing and i learnt Java and mastered C++ more.practing CP problems more made me quite good with interview level problems.
I realised i am weak in other CS areas .So picked HTML,JS,PHP,XML from W3schools and developed several basic projects.Then learnt python for AI and learning from online vidoes,i understood computer networking and DBMS.
After all this,I interned this summer solving interesting Big data project problem.This generated my interests towards Blockchain,ML etc.though i haven't started yet.Now,being final year student at university i am revising all CS concepts and doing projects related to web+ trendy technologies along with little bit of CP.


Hi Shiv thanks for share your journey. After reading your comment it feels like are more addicted towards competitive programming other than like web development etc. Means you have good programming skill with a little spark of other computer science field. Nice .
I wanna ask you something as you said you are in final year and you are doing projects related to web + trendy topics. Did you ever feel like i have to choose web development like others do instead of competitive programming if yes then why you choose competitive programming?? What or who says which one will be better for your future ??
And one more thing As you said you learn HTML , JS , PHP and DBMS so can we say you are a full stack web developer not only front you also know back end ???


Yeah I can do job of fullstack dev.i have no restriction on picking up new skills.
Between CP and other things, I picked CP because i loved problem solving and most companies give jobs based on that.For student like me,it was easiest way to get noticed from the crowd.Though i spent time in web or in android too but only during the projects.I learnt them whenever i feel need.

As a final year student which one will you choose a web development or Android development if have to choose one at a time which one you will prefer and why ??

As final year student, I will choose ML over web/app. web dev etc are for sophomores year.and honestly i utilised my vacations to improve in these areas.

Thanks Shiv to be so nice and thx for your journey and about your upcoming goals. Nice talk with you gives me some idea what now I have to go or how to choose things. Thanks again.

Good luck,keep learning and happy coding.


I was very happy with Java until I went for undergraduate studies and there were like python, c,c++, etc.
I also used to feel like which programming language would be fancy and wealthy to learn but it ended up with confusion and nothing!
I jumped into web world via some course and got a keen interest in js. Then one day I found about es6 and js prototypal nature and all, so it went like digging more and more and then finally to learning react.
And yes figuring out these what not easy when you have new stats about PLs and other things brought up. I always decided what things I want to do right now. I had a very strong knowledge of core java which could help to learn to build java apps like my friends but somewhere I was able to understand my interest.
You need to start something to know what you actually want. If you know a little bit C start with that and see where it's taking you.
Nowadays I am not doing any web development and into compiler construction and I never knew that while starting the web dev. (I wanna be only a frontend web developer :P).
And be happy and keep sticking to what you are doing!


Hi wiz(sir). Thanks for sharing your journey. I have a question for you. As you said you worked as a front end developer and during your undergraduate program you familiar with languages like JAVA and Python. Now the question is sometimes people's said that if you are a front end developer with languages like HTML , CSS ,and Javascript then your market value as a front end developer will be low but if you have JAVA or Python based front end developer your market value will be high is that true?? Or for both have equal value ??


I guess I am not that much experienced now to answer that since I am in my final year undergrad only. It's just that I got opportunities remotely for working as a react/redux dev after my second year. (So now you can remove that sir from the parenthesis.)

Some of my friends are deeply into frontend dev and they are like really earning well by expanding their areas of reach -knowing saas, new frameworks, graphics designing, optimization etc. They know python as well but it's not the part of their jobs.

As you mention earlier you are familiar with programming languages if you get job in two different branch i.e. one will be as a programmer or as software developer and another one will be in as web dev then which one you will gonna choose and why??


One thing to add, is just an awesome source and one can ask and discuss the various type of questions like this one!


I made this post to help beginners and if you are experienced programmer or developer to share your journey how you overcome with problems not for like so please share your journey or if have doubt then comment we will discuss here .
Hope you all understand .

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