re: I was very happy with Java until I went for undergraduate studies and there were like python, c,c++, etc. I also used to feel like which programmin...

Hi wiz(sir). Thanks for sharing your journey. I have a question for you. As you said you worked as a front end developer and during your undergraduate program you familiar with languages like JAVA and Python. Now the question is sometimes people's said that if you are a front end developer with languages like HTML , CSS ,and Javascript then your market value as a front end developer will be low but if you have JAVA or Python based front end developer your market value will be high is that true?? Or for both have equal value ??


I guess I am not that much experienced now to answer that since I am in my final year undergrad only. It's just that I got opportunities remotely for working as a react/redux dev after my second year. (So now you can remove that sir from the parenthesis.)

Some of my friends are deeply into frontend dev and they are like really earning well by expanding their areas of reach -knowing saas, new frameworks, graphics designing, optimization etc. They know python as well but it's not the part of their jobs.

As you mention earlier you are familiar with programming languages if you get job in two different branch i.e. one will be as a programmer or as software developer and another one will be in as web dev then which one you will gonna choose and why??

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