re: I started learning programming with Java. I made some very dummy console apps. But I wanted more, so I went to create some desktop application with...

Generally people are not able to manage time i.e. they wanna learn both web and coding together but they fail because if see both branch are interesting and also time taking . If wanna perfection then you need alot of practice due to which it's time taking. But you manage that's interesting part. So can you explain what was the time management in your case??


Well... I would not say that I have a plan to manage time... I do things till I am at least a bit satisfied with the result. I know I have to learn a lot and I do everything I can to achieve more and more. I am a student at a university at the same time, and it also takes a lot of time to be there, I work at the software company, and I am into startup things, too. But I know I have to learn new stuff and I have to master them, so I guess this is about focus and passion, nothing else.... :)

Nice now I feel motivated after reading your comment. And Thanks Leonora(mam) for sharing your journey. Nice talk with you . Thank you

Hi mam I wanna ask you one more question which I forgot to ask.
As you have a 3 years of experience and in present time we can see even in our dev.to community we have a lot of peoples who wanna work as web developer and more peoples want to start so if see there is a lot of competition so in that case if you wanna job in this field you have some extra skill. Then which type of skill we can add to increase our market value to get a job as web developer in future?
And why these days it's continuously more peoples wanna learn is that because it's so easy or it's sounds so cool ??

Good questions. I would not say that you should have some extra skill. I think people are impressed by your side projects. If you can show 2 or 3 projects on different or slightly different stacks, then I guess you are all set! :)
I agree, many people want to get into this world, partly because it is cool, partly because it sounds easy, but I guess many of them are into this because of the good money....

Thank you mam for sharing your journey and thanks for to be so nice and explaining every things so frankly .
I learned a lot of important points .
Thanks again .
Good luck , keep learning and happy coding ...

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