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The journey of Open Source and my first Hacktoberfest

In open source, we feel strongly that to really do something well, you have to get a lot of people involved.
Linus Torvalds

Heya Amigos !!
Hope everyone is building something great.

This is Abhijit Tripathy, a sophomore of Computer Science and Engineering from India. I am a python lover and an aspiring Machine Learning Engineer.

Most importantly, I am active Open Source Contributor 😍

Everything related to me can be found here - My Portfolio

Today I will be sharing my journey of Open Source and as I have completed the hacktoberfest 2020 challenge, I will be telling about some of my open-source projects in which you may contribute.

My open-source journey

SCI - 2020 (Studentcode In)

My open-source journey started with the three-month-long open-source competition organized by SCI. I was a part of the project named "Survival Analysis", which is a statistical model used for analyzing and predicting survivals in business, churning of customers, the survival of patients in clinical trials and much more. I have worked on the EDA(Exploratory Data Analysis) part of the model as well as managed to write a python script for the Nelson Aaelan Estimator, that's used for the hazard function in survival analysis. Also, I have worked in building some scripts with the dash module of python for the deployment of the project.
This was my first involvement as a contributor to any open-source project in a group and I was selected as the top 25 winners of the competition as well.
The project can be viewed here - Survival Analysis

BWLU 2020(Build With Letsupgrad)

This was 2.5 months-long open-source project competition organized by Letsupgrad, where I was able to ideate a project named "Algorithmic Treasure", and contributed as a Project Manager & Mentor for the same. The project is a long term association of developers in order to prepare a website having good resources for the interview preparing candidates. A group of 10-12 developers came together in order to build the primary version of this website.
The project can be viewed here - Algorithmic Treasure

Contributor's Hack 2020(Hakincodes)

I have got an opportunity to be a mentor for this open-source program, where I have contributed to one of the participating projects. Mentoring is a great opportunity to refine the skills and help others getting started with open-source. In this program, I have been chosen as the top 5 mentors.
The project can be viewed here - neoAlgo

Hacktoberfest 2020(Digitalocean, DEV, Intel)

This October 2020, I have got a chance to be the part of Hacktoberfest 2020, as an organizer, maintainer and participant. As I am a part of three global communities namely Developer Student Clubs,GGV,Codecademy Campus Chapter &Mozilla Student Developers,GGV, I have got a chance to organize two speaker sessions from industry professionals and achievers in explaining the basics of git & GitHub to my college people as well as giving them a chance to dive into opensource.
I have my python software package named eduAlgo participating in the hacktoberfest 2020 as an open-source project. Also, I have completed the challenge by submitting 4 PRs (three to DSC repositories, that included two Django beginner projects and a flask implemented car price, prediction model). Cheers !!!

My Hacktober completion

Autumn Of Opensource 2020 (

Recently I have got a chance to be a contributor for AOS20 organized by sanscript. This is an ongoing open-source project competition.

My Open-source Projects

I have only one project opted for the Hacktoberfest2020.

  • eduAlgo - This is a very simple python package made up with python script to study different algorithms for educational purposes. This package is currently under planning version and previously this project has been a part of FOSS Hack 2020 & PyCon 2020 Devsprint. PyPI link - eduAlgo

Thanks to Hacktoberfest organizers for coming up with this idea every year and supporting the real open-source 😊

In real open source, you have the right to control your own destiny.
Linus Torvalds

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