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eduAlgo: Awating contributors

What is eduAlgo?

We are an open-source organization named eduAlgo focused on making algorithm learning easier for python developers especially for the beginners by creating modules in the python package eduAlgo PyPI. Other than this, we are having a few opensource projects, which are participating in numerous of opensource programs as organization projects. Not only this, we are in a process to design courses and modules for beginners to learn DSA in python.

Why Python?

Python is easy to use, powerful, and versatile, making it a great choice for beginners and experts alike. Python’s readability makes it a great first programming language, it allows you to think like a programmer and not waste time with confusing syntax.

Why OpenSource?

Open-source licensing encourages innovation through collaboration. Without it, many of the technologies we take for granted today would never have developed or would be locked away behind patent law. The open-source movement is the reason that technology has developed at such a breakneck pace for the past few decades.

How to use the package?

A short demonstration of the package in action can be seen below,

This python package is open-sourced and published publically on python packaging Index(PyPI).


1 - Python Package

GitHub logo edualgo / eduAlgo

A simple python package having modules of different algorithms to use in educational purposes.

2 - eduAlgo App

GitHub logo edualgo / edualgo-app-demo

This repository contains the demo application of the package edualgo in flutter and dart.

3 - Documentation

GitHub logo edualgo / documentation

The documentation website for the python package "eduAlgo"

How to contribute ?

We are very fond of developers out there, we want them to contribute and grow along with us. The contributions that our developers have made previously are precious and we are glad to have them here.

To contribute in our projects get in touch at -

A better demonstration

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