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Typescript for JS people

The source code related to this blog can be found here:

In order to setup Typescipt in your own local computer, install

  • nodejs
  • npm
  • VSCode(optional).

After that create a folder, (I have given mine as "typescript-for-js-people").
Now, go to Gitbash or any command line tool, and type
npm init -y.This will auto generate a package.json file and the folder root.
After that install typescript by typing
npm install typescript --save-dev in cmd.
This tells npm to install typescript as a dev dependency since we are going to need Typescript only in dev.It will also add a node_modules folder and package-lock.json file, but we dont need to bother about those.

If everything goes well, after this the package.json file will look like :

Folder Structure

First go to cmd and type npx tsc --init
This will create a tsconfig.json file at the project root folder.
Docs for tsconfig.json:
If you look in the tsconfig.json file, there will be many commented line in a key-value pair (same as js object), we need to uncomment "rootDir" key and give value as "./src",
"outDir" key and give value as "./dist".
This basically means that we will write our typescript code in src folder(or subfolders) and javascript code will be outputed by typescript compiler(tsc) to dist folder.
Create a folder structure in src as src/Basic 1/_1.ts.
So, our project folder will look like this.

Start writing code

Now inside the _1.ts write code

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That's it! It is actually typescript(as well as javascript).


Now type in terminal,
npx tsc . This will generate the js file inside a newly created dist folder(done by the tsc compiler).

Inside it, the js files are there with the same folder structure as src folder(but with .js extension).

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