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Some less known features in Chrome Devtools

Here we will be exploring some less known features which I recently came to know about chrome devtools and I thought about sharing them.

[Currently, I am using Chrome 98, to check your version go to chrome://settings/help].

If you come across some more features, please add them in the comments.

  • More devices More devices

 More devices
Chrome gives us ability to add more devices to test our webpage on.
Go to Settings -> Devices -> check/uncheck to add/remove devices.

  • Web accessibilty

Accessibility of a particular element (e.g: h1,p etc.) can be known by clicking on the "Accessibilty" tab on the elements tab.

Web accessibilty

  • Network tab Network tab Preserve Logs - To save requests across page loads, check the Preserve log.

Disable cache - By checking this box, we can more accurately emulate a first-time user's experience, because requests are served from the browser cache on repeat visits.

That's it. Ciao!

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