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The Pursuit of Knowledge

How did I end up here?

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For those who haven't had a chance to get to know me, no need to worry because you won't be able to forget me!

My name is Abdulrahman Amer and I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I have pursued a higher education from the Manhattan School of Music in jazz performance. It was thanks to the art form and the philosophy of improvisation and its main components of conversation, action, and reaction; that I began to think critically both inside and outside of the musical space.

I found a deep love for physics, science, and the meaning of life all at one time. Having the privilege of touring with a Grammy Award Winning Band has also opened my eyes to the realities of this earth others may have not had a chance to experience. (Cuba was a life changing trip for me.)

It was through my love of healing people through music that I decided my life purpose is to help the world. How can one person do such a thing?! Well....this is my pathway into "The Pursuit of Knowledge".

Seeing The Matrix

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It was the pandemic which I am sure if you are like myself was a HUGE shock! I went from playing shows everyday to getting thrown into a box with none of my daily routines to distract me from being alone with myself or my thoughts. This was a huge financial burden and it was a tough one to say the least. I learned so much about my soul however and remain grateful for everything that happens whether it is positive or negative.

I started to realize there was more than meets the eye in my everyday. I was, and I am sure a lot of you reading this can relate; stuck on social media! It was then that I had an epiphany about the algorithm.

I asked myself, how is it that something can read how much time I spend on a post and use that against me in the court of law to keep me contained! It seemed like too good of a business mode but in the darkest way: show people what they want to see because in doing so, you will create a habit loop that chains them to your platform and in addition use it as a vehicle to advertise things you know they would love and in turn purchase.


Nothing beats the time I spoke about a watch with Arabic numerals and instagram was marketing me just the watch when browsing through my friends stories! It listens too?!

And that's why I have had over a 2 year hiatus from all social platforms still going strong!

Now this sounds kind of dark...but what is the light without the shadows?

AI can SAVE LIVES and it is already doing it.

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So the machine learning that traps someone in the cyberspace for capital gain does sound like a harsh take on the industry. Well, when I found out what I'm about to share with you; I had a change of heart and truly see the power in the pursuit of knowledge.

No, this isn't self driving cars, a race to space, or anything that is for selfish gain for once. It's actually THE BIOTECH that created models so intelligent that we could remedy something that evolved as fast as COVID-19 that taught me the beauty of this field.

Not only were thousands upon thousands of people collaborating with each other; major countries had to put aside their differences for the greater good of humanity. It didn't matter who or what you were, what mattered is the fact that nature has the power to take us all out and if we didn't all come together that would be the end. The unifying languages being the mission, the code, and the future of humanity.

Seeing such a project transpire, develop, and executed was very inspiring. It was musical and harmonious in it's own way. Soon I started to learn more about this art form and I feel like a creator in this space just as much as I do when improvising with a band for 10 minutes straight! It was all so inspiring I am here now, following the pursuit of knowledge in hopes to one day be able to make an impact on humanity.

I feel free in this space and look forward to the day I can make a difference in your reality.


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