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Abdullahi Aminu Mudi
Abdullahi Aminu Mudi

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UI Graphics Resources

The following is a list of websites and resources that contain modern UI components in different file formats such as PSD, Sketch, Figma, etc. They are great and helpful for web components and UI design.

  • SVG sine waves : Export perfect sine waves as SVG for your front-end projects.
  • UI Design Daily : Awesome UI Components of all types.
  • 100 Daily UI : Free Figma library of products, elements, and screens.
  • Sketch App Sources : Sketch UIs, wireframes, icons and much more.
  • Humaaans : Cool illustrations of people with the ability to mix and match.
  • Paaatterns : Free collection of beautiful patterns for all vector formats.
  • thepatternlibrary : Free beautiful background patterns .

  • 404 illustration : Free illustrations for 404 pages.

  • : Illustrations for designers and startups.

  • : Free surrealist illustrations for designers and developers.

  • : Open-source illustrations for any idea you can imagine and create.

  • : Monochromatic, Isometric high-quality illustrations.

  • Open Peeps : Hand drawn illustration library.

  • UI Space : Thousands of great UI freebies.

  • : Beautiful, customizable animated GIF icons.

  • Uplabs : High-quality design resources (Free & Premium).

  • Hero Patterns : A collection of repeatable SVG background patterns.

  • BEAUBUS Patterns : A set of 150+ free SVG patterns (backgrounds).

  • Blush : Free customizable illustrations with Figma Plugin.

  • Avataaars : Free sketch library of avatars illustrations by Pablo Stanley.

  • Open Doodles : A Free Set of Sketchy Illustrations.

  • InvisionApp : Library of free, high-quality UI kits, icon packs, and mockups.

  • IsoFlat : A Free collection of Isometric SVG graphic resources.

  • IRA Design : An open-source gradient illustrations collection by creative tim.

  • Transparent Textures : A collection of transparent textures background patterns.

  • : Vector illustrations to class up your project.

  • Patternico : Seamless Pattern Maker.

  • Freellustrations : Free Background Images for awesome landing Pages.

  • Pixeltrue Illustrations :Free Animated Illustrations.

  • Abstract User Avatar API : A
    PI to create simple yet flexible user avatars from user names or emails.

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