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What did you teach this week?

I'm a Computer Science enthusiast with a keen interest in Maths. I like to tinker with things around me & build projects on my own. I like to play musical instruments & practise Sahaja Yoga meditation
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What did you teach this week?

To teach is to learn twice over.
– Joseph Joubert

Teaching is the best way to reinforce the concepts learnt. Teaching increases our knowledge as well as that of others. We simultaneously learn from others too! So why not give an helping hand in this give and take of knowledge? Let us all begin a wave of positivity by encouraging everyone to teach!

Whatever you have taught this week, however small, counts as a big help to the entire community!
So please comment below, your teachings in this week!

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Aatmaj Author

Taught a friend how to study mathematics. Taught coding practices and Python through blogs.