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Aaron K Saunders
Aaron K Saunders

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Learn To Build Mobile Apps with Ionic Framework & ReactJS Video Series

I have been using Ionic Framework as the framework of choice for my software development firm Clearly Innovative Inc since v1. We have built solutions for large clients and small clients. We have hired and trained multiple developers, who had their first development job with us, using Ionic Framework.

๐Ÿ“บ Upcoming Video Series: Series Overview Video On YouTube Now!

Needless to say, we are all in on Ionic Framework.

We started with Ionic and Angular v1 and continue to do work with angular, but have move on to utilize reactjs and even VueJS to build solutions for clients and for internal projects for my other company Inclusive Innovation Incubator.

We also offer free training and host meetups teaching javascript utilizing Ionic, ReactJS, VueJS and Angular.

I have started posting content here on Dev.To more consistently and I am also posting more video content over on YouTube. I encourage you to please check out some of the video content on ReactJS.

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There is video content on VueJS also but please remember vuejs is still in beta.

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Finally I am always looking for new idea on what kind of content people will find interesting so feel free to leave comments here or on the YouTube Tube.

Thanks for stopping by and please enjoy the content!!

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