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System32 Discovery #1 - Bluetooth file transfer dialog

Application title Bluetooth file transfer
File name fsquirt.exe
File name stands for File Squirt
Syntax `fsquirt.exe [-send\
Type Application
File description

⚠️ Warning!

Messing around with system32 files without knowing what you’re doing can demage your system! The author doens’t take any responsibility for demaged systems and installations.

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The Bluetooth file transfer dialog allows you to transfer files over Bluetooth.

The main entry point is a page wher you can select if you want to send or receive files:

Main entrypoint

Send files dialog:

Select device dialog

Select file name dialog

Receive files dialog:

Waiting for a connection

File gets received


{% raw %}-send

Opens directly the send files screen.


Opens directly the receive files screen.

More information

You can find more information in the Microsoft Docs.

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