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Pi - An Upcoming Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency :-

A digital currency in which transactions are verified and records maintained by a decentralized system using cryptography, rather than by a centralized authority.

Decentralized :-

(Of an activity or organization) controlled by several local offices or authorities rather than one single one.

What is Pi ?

Pi is a project cryptocurrency which unlike Bitcoins and Ethereum , can be mined on your phone by downloading the Pi network app directly from the Play Store and App Store . It is still in it's developing stages but is increasing in popularity and users ( Current User Count : 13 million) .

Who created Pi ?

The Pi Network is developed by Stanford Phd Graduates: anthropologist Chengdiao Fan, computer scientists Nicolas Kokkalis and Aurélien Schiltz, and business major Vince McPhilip as a project mobile cryptocurrency

How to mine Pi ?

Pi is currently invite only app ie , you can only be a part of the network if someone invites you to his/her network . Follow the steps to begin mining Pi :-
1) Download the app from either the App Store or play store .
2) After Installing the app , It will ask you to enter the invitation code .
3) Now , the app will ask you for basic information as Name and User name .
4) After completing the above steps , you will be lead to a main screen where you will be shown a tutorial on how to use the app .

Is Pi worth anything ?

As the Pi network is still in its development stages but you can still earn more pi by inviting people to your network but may be worth a lot once it hits the market . So as of now , NO , you cannot earn money from Pi .

For more information of the Pi network , I have linked their official website and a post by Stanford Daily as well as a post by their Ambassador Michael Gehlert

I hope I have sparked interest in some of you , the project appears to be promising with a bit of public uneasiness but we shall see the result hopefully in the near future .

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