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What is Dodgecoin and who created it ?

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency invented by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer . It wasn’t designed to be used as a form of payment but as a mere joke .

What is Doge ?

Doge is a meme which portrays a Shiba Inu dog alongside nonsensical phrases in multicolored, Comic Sans-font text.


Why has the Dogecoin become popular ?

The coin has many influential celebrity supporters such as Carole Baskin , Gene Simmons , Kai Greene , Mia Khalifa , Snoop Dogg , Lil Yachty and the most notable , Elon Musk .

Elon Musk came in contact with the coin back in 2018 and used to meme about the coin on his Twitter account . Due to this more and more people were directed to the coin which helped boost the coins price by even 800% , the percentages seemed to increase every time Elon Musk talks/memes on the coin . ELon’s ability to dramatically influence the crypto market through social media posts became known as the “Elon effect.”

In short, it seems the selfless community, the light-hearted origin of the project and the real-world utility were the biggest contributors to dogecoin’s early success in the crypto market. Over the last few years, however, dogecoin has really become a kind of cryptocurrency avatar for meme culture, fueled by online communities and support from internet personalities like Elon Musk. As that culture has risen in influence, DOGE has risen in value – essentially taking on a life of its own that its creators never intended.

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