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General advice for students

Hello, so if you're like me, you're a computer science student or you're here for general advice, in any case, I'm happy you are here.

1) Don't stress out much Yeah, I know it's a common point, but trust me, it's crucial. As a human, we all have our breaking points and sometimes when a person crosses that point, it doesn't end well, trust me, I've seen what it does to people. So, I started to teach myself to be calm. When I say calm, I don't mean like, " Oh, Aliens are about to take over the world ? Cool " and then eat pizza, kinda cool. When I say calm, it's 90% Calm, 10% stress. I feel that stress in a small dosage helps me be productive, and being calm enhances the amount. The point being, don't let small things stress you out or make you worried or have any negative impact on you. Take me for example, I used to be on social media and used to know people who used to play with my emotions, which drove me crazy, so one day I told myself," You aren't worth this much ", so I left social media, cut off contact with the toxic people, and kinda kept to myself and spoke to a selected few, once a while and to be honest, I have never felt better in my life.

2) 'Live a need to know basis' life
You must be wondering why I would suggest this, if you're like me and you trust people too easily, follow this. I used to trust people very easily. I used to tell people my secrets, my issues, and later on, it all came back to bite me behind. The reason I feel we should live such a life is that you aren't vulnerable to people and the second reason is my next point.

3) Deal with things by yourself
This is one of my most important points because I've learned that in the end, the only person who has your back is YOU. Yes, I know we all have best friends, close friends, and family but if you are too dependent on other people, you won't be able to grow or learn how to handle situations, which I find is gonna be very useful if you're going to a new city /country/state for your higher education or your work.

4) Spend time with yourself
This point has helped me a lot, spending time with yourself is very important, it helps you feel calm, pleasant and clear-minded. Whenever I spend time with myself and I have no work or studies, I cycle or meditate or do yoga or write a short story, or if I feel like it, I jam out to songs. What I do when listening to Indie Music (My favorite) or Post-Rock( Second Favourite), I put on a pair of headphones, switch off my bedroom lights and close the bedroom curtains till my room is pitch-black and then I have a small artificial lamp which emits warm yellow light, which I place on my bedside table and then I play the songs at a slightly slower tempo ( If you use Stellio Player on the mobile, in the Equalizer, click on Effects2, change the tone down to -2.2 and the speed down to -0.80 ) and for a starter song, I would strongly recommend 'Basic Instinct by The Acid'.

And lastly, NEVER GIVE UP, I get it, life is not easy, that's ok, those difficult moments and how we handle them help make us better people. You got this, we are all there for you and we all love you. I hope this helps you out in any aspect of your life. Do try out and see what works for you. Cheers!

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I just finished watching the last episode of mr.robot and I can understand the meaning of this article. Yes, Life is unpredictable and give a lot of errors but all it depends on us and the choices,the decisions we make at that time.

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Aaron Johnson Author

Thank you for reading Yash , definitely , it’s up to us on how we deal with it .