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Ndeye Fatou Diop
Ndeye Fatou Diop

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This Is The Best Advanced React Book I’ve Ever Read

There are a lot of books/courses about React.

And I've read/purchased a lot of them over the past +5 years.

Unfortunately, I find many of them to be either bloated or too superficial - while still being expensive.

But recently, I have read a book called Advanced React by @adevnadia that I believe is the best investment to make if you want to master React.

For a few reasons:

Reason #1: It covers everything you might find tricky as a junior dev and need to know to be a React expert. The book discusses everything you need to learn to be really good at React, like how renders work, refs, context, and more. Back when I started over 5 years ago, I wish I had this book – it could've saved me from some confusing state issues.

Reason #2: It is well-written with a lot of illustrations. I love books that make hard stuff easy to understand, and this one does it really well. All the concepts are explained with nice and simple pictures.

Reason #3: It stays practical. If you are looking for a book that gets straight to the point without going off track, choose this one. You can use what you learn right away at work.

Reason #4: It's concise. With only 314 pages, it's a quick read. You get the essential information without unnecessary fluff.

Reason #5: It's affordable. At just $32, it's a bargain compared to other React resources.

If you want to master React, I can't recommend this book enough.

If you've read it, do you agree? What other book would you recommend for intermediate/advanced React developers?

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anmolbaranwal profile image
Anmol Baranwal

The price is reasonable, but I still won't buy it because I dislike reading technical books. LOL!

I would recommend Zero2Mastery because the additional benefits are huge and that is what will be helpful in the long run.

Moreover, there are already numerous helpful resources on YouTube from Freecodecamp and other sources, so I don't consider purchasing it to be that reasonable.

I believe it depends on personal opinion.
Saving it in case my mind changes for good :D

_ndeyefatoudiop profile image
Ndeye Fatou Diop

Yes I think it really depends on people . This book is not really intended for beginners like maybe Zero2Mastery but it is great to avoid some common pitfalls. The other benefit of this book is that it is about React only : you really get to focus about React.