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I clicked this post because I wanted to give you shit about there really being visually impaired coders but C# okay haha.


I'm a visually impaired coder IRL, so I think I can safely make jokes like this :).


Why choose to be a coder though? Or did your vision get impaired later in life?

Nope, I'm visually impaired from birth. My optic nerves haven't fully developed.

I got into coding by building silly little games. I took a laptop everywhere in high school to read the material and do exercises, and I often found myself making mouse mazes in Powerpoint. That got me into a program called GameMaker, which had a programming language called GML, and that's how I got started. I've loved coding ever since.

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I'm never sure what to put in a bio. If there's anything you want to know, don't be afraid to ask!

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