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Alex Blokh
Alex Blokh

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Best TypeScript ORM just got better

Drizzle ORM v0.26 is out and it changes the game

Well, the last 3 months were wild. We went public with Drizzle ORM and it gained quite some adoption. The first YouTube video about us came out and it blew through the roof. As of now, we sit on 5.6k GitHub stars and actively growing 🤯

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3.4k developers subscribed to us on Twitter and we have 960 community members in Discord and boy oh boy we’ve got quite some feedback, we’ve listened and now we got some big news 👀

Drizzle ORM is designed as a thin TypeScript layer atop SQL, it’s meant to solve your problems, empower and not interfere, it has remarkable performance and fully fledged joins. Drizzle lets developers love SQL again.

Yet we’ve received a lot of feedback from devs struggling with relational queries, doing massive amounts of joins and mapping complex results. Well, we have a solution now, meet Relational Queries.

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We’ve designed Relational Queries to be an extension to existing Drizzle ORM API, all you need to do is to define relations alongside schema declaration and you’re ready to go.

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We’ve spent quite some time to make sure you have both best-in-class developer experience and performance 🚀

Regardless of how many nested relations you query - Drizzle will always make exactly one SQL query to the database, it makes it extremely explicit and easy to tune performance with indexes.

We support nested limit, you no longer have to fetch users and all of their posts from the database, you can just fetch the last 5.

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You can include and exclude columns to omit unnecessary data transfer, you can add extra custom fields like lower(first_name + last_name) and you have all the power of where operator at any nested level.

And yes, you can prepare statements and gain up to 5x massive performance improvements!

We’ve been undercover for several weeks, building everything through blood and tears and we’re thrilled to hear your feedback.
Check out the docs and give it a spin!

Docs, by the way… Lets talk docs

Docs were probably #1 requested feature since day one and yes, we do have docs now —

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Those are not raindrops, no no. Those are teardrops. We’ve cried a lot.
We’ve handcrafted every page and we’d love to hear your feedback and make it better!
And yes, we have comprehensive docs for Drizzle Kit and you can finally read how to use db push!

Don’t hesitate to hit us a star on GitHub and subscribe on Twitter!

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