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Enhancing AWS Monitoring for Improved Threat Management

Welcome to the next article in our series on Threat Detection and Management on AWS. This is a multi-part series so I recommend following along in order to get the full sense of what we're talking about. At this point we have added WAF, Shield Advanced, GuardDuty, and Inspector to our base architecture. Building upon these tools, this article will delve into how AWS Config and Amazon EventBridge can be leveraged to monitor your environment and respond to detected threats. And to tease the article to follow this one, we will explore the exciting potential of Generative AI in enhancing threat detection. For now, lets talk about AWS Config and Amazon EventBridge.

Monitoring with AWS Config

AWS Config offers a detailed resource inventory, configuration history, and configuration change notifications, which are vital for maintaining security in dynamic cloud environments. It helps you track changes, identify non-compliant resources, and simplify audits. With AWS Config, you can view both current and historical configurations of your resources, receiving notifications about resource modifications and overall compliance status against your desired configurations.

Deploying and Managing Conformance Packs

A conformance pack in AWS Config is a collection of rules and remediation actions that assess and manage the compliance of your AWS resources. These packs are crucial for applying and enforcing compliance policies across multiple accounts and regions within your organization. Figure 1 illustrates the initial state with no conformance packs deployed.

Image description
Figure 1

To deploy, select a suitable template like the Operational Best Practices for EC2, which is shown in Figure 2. I've selected this one since I am using EC2 instances in my demo environment.

Image description
Figure 2

Once deployed, the conformance pack will continuously monitor your resources, identifying compliance issues and security risks. In my case we can see several issues it found on the Dashboard, seen in figure 3.

Image description
Figure 3

Automated Responses with EventBridge

Amazon EventBridge allows you to automate responses to the events detected by services like AWS Config, Inspector, and EC2. It can trigger actions such as notifications through SNS based on specified criteria, enhancing your ability to respond quickly to security incidents. While this article briefly introduces EventBridge, further details on setting up and managing event rules will be covered in future discussions.


Threat detection and management are crucial for maintaining a secure AWS environment. By effectively using AWS Config and Amazon EventBridge, alongside other AWS security services, you can significantly enhance your security posture. As the landscape of cloud security evolves, staying informed and ready to adapt is paramount. Our next article will shift focus to the role of Generative AI in threat detection, discussing how this emerging technology can further empower your security strategy.

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