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Harvey Thompson • Edited on


  • Emacs is actually a full programmable LISP programming environment, so you can change it to exactly how you want it. However see Spacemacs and Doom Emacs for easy starter kits that make everything work out of the box.
  • Proper Intellisense level auto-completion, refactoring for pretty much any language (thanks to the LSP protocol that powers Visual Studio Code).
  • Debugger support for nearly as many (thanks to the DAP protocol).
  • Edit and colourize pretty much every file format under the sun.
  • Full VI emulation if you like that (Spacemacs and Doom default to using this)
  • Supports pretty much every SCM.
  • Killer apps like magit (for git), and org (it's a todo list, agenda, calender, document markdown thingymajig)
  • Run a full colour terminal emulator.
  • Hands On Keyboard, Not On Mouse!
  • Browse the web.
  • Read e-mail and usenet.
  • View images, PDF, documents, markdown, HTML, XML.
  • Even make it your window manager on Linux.
  • Runs on every platform under the sun.
  • And much much more with packages.
  • Is totally free.

I've been using Emacs for work, play and code development for 30 years. I have barely used any other IDE.

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Joseph Maurer Author

Thanks for the solid points Harvey! Tbh I’ve only used command line Emacs back in college and found VI or Nano easier to use. I just downloaded the GUI so I’ll have to play around with it 👍🏻 Apparently you can even play Tetris in Emacs 😂