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Tuesday’s Tip – Use code katas and koans to learn a programming language

Learning a new language? Try code katas or koans!

What are Code Katas?

Katas are simple techniques or patterns in karate to help teach you the basics. Repeat until mastery, and they become ingrained as muscle memory. C** ode **** k ***atas are exercises* intended to help you master a language or problem and hone your skills.

What are Code Koans?

Code koans are an easy way to get started with a code exercise routine. A k** oan is a mental exercise intended to stretch the mind**, often in the form of a question with no concrete answer. A code koan may exist as a set of unit tests that require you to fill in the answer as you learn.


Here are some code kata and koan sites to get started:

If you don't see your language listed above it should be a quick Google search away "[language] koans". If it isn't maybe this is a good opportunity for you to create some Koans of your own and contribute back to the Open Source community!

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