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Tuesday’s Tip – Think Like a Medical Resident

See One. Do One. Teach One.

There’s an old adage in the medical field: See one. Do one. Teach one. The idea being you first get familiar with the subject area, then you try it yourself for hands-on experience, and then teaching one will help you retain and better understand your newfound knowledge. The practice, while becoming outdated in medicine, can still be a valuable method in programming.

Looking to learn a new framework or language?

  • See one
    • Watch a video tutorial or read one.
  • Do one
    • Walk through the tutorial yourself
    • Use the framework/language to tackle a problem
  • Teach one (document to explain your process)
    • What problem are you solving with your project?
    • Why did you chose this language/framework?
    • What tutorials/sources did you use and why?
    • What were the steps you took to build your project?

Using this process can help strengthen your knowledge of your chosen language or framework. Along the way, you may notice an interesting feature that you want to explore a little deeper. Or posting your documented journey might yield you some interesting questions that lead to more research. Have fun and approach everything with curiosity.

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