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My Codecademy Chapter Organizer Experience

Im the Codecademy Chapter Organizer at Western in their pilot program across universities and it has been a great experience so far to be a part of the founding efforts of a program that will hopefully have a lasting impact on students.

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I have been an avid community organizer since 2019 (I founded 3 clubs in my high school and am currently founder and president of 3 club organizations at Western University!)

In terms of time management, I like to batch my work during my free time such as on weekends and reading weeks, and in this case its reading week while I write this post.

I think that learning in university often glosses too much into theory and sometimes lacks the applicable real-life skills, so students often have to supplement their education with external resources. So I am all for advocating for accessible education!

if you were at my university feel free to leave a comment for events you want to see!

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