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How to Make Money with Custom ChatGPT-Trained AI Chatbots🤖

Hello, Devs! 👋 Today's post is an easy sidekick that helps you support your finances.

Are you aware of No-Code ChatGPT chatbots? Clients want GPT Chatbot and wants you to implement it to get more happy customers, better engagement, and more profit!🎉 what about Developers(You)? Easy-to-setup, consistent profit, and integration with various platforms.Your client wants AI chatbot, and you Can Provide the service—a true win-win! 🏆

With this, you can make $4591 or more in profit per month even after investing $2000 in marketing. But it depends on you and how you find the clients.


How Much Money Can You Make?

Let us crunch some statistics to figure out how much money you could make:

  1. You can start with the No-Code ChatGPT Starter plan at $19/month; for $99/month, you will be able to set up five chatbots.

  2. If you choose to charge a setup fee of at least $150 per chatbot.

  3. You will bill your clients $99/month for the ongoing management of the chatbots.

  4. With 5 chatbots, a $150 setup fee each will result in $750 in revenue.

  5. You will Achieve a Monthly Recurring Revenue of $5940 by managing 5 chatbots at $99/month for 12 months.

  6. You will have a Total Revenue = $750 (setup fees) + $5940 (MRR) = $6690, and a profit per Month of $6690 - $99 = $6591

  7. If we also add the marketing cost of $2000, you will still have $4591.

Its Clear math, and I have decoded the math


How to make the Chatbot

  1. Sign Up: Visit the GPT Chatbots website and create an account.

  2. Choose a Template: Pick from various pre-designed chatbot templates.

  3. Customise: Use the no-code builder for customisation.

  4. Integrate: Embed the chatbot on your website with a simple code snippet.

  5. Go Live: Activate and watch your chatbot interact in real-time!

The Win-Win Scenario🏆

Happy Client and Developer

               Happy Client and Developer

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