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re: I'm using MX2 and MX3 mouse, I've had no issues, like I said, it's plug and play, sure I don't have logitech flow, but it does work, I've 3 monito...

Ubuntu user here, with an MX3 sitting next to my laptop after upgrading from the MX2.

In the office, I have a docking station, at home, I work with a single screen just fine, and when at remote sites etc, I have a USB3 hub with extra HDMI etc.

Sure, the drivers on the docking station & USB hub didn't want to play ball, but I grew up on a BSD command line, so it wasn't tricky to sort it. My problem there was the choice of laptop not being explicitly designed for a docking station, and I wanted a USB hub for travel (that I've used all of twice).

By & large, everything in modern Linux is plug & play, and I've managed to convince a few people to move over from MacOS just by them seeing the way I work.

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