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re: Yes sure.. But for example, i have laptop with one hdmi, but i wanted to attach 3'd display, so i purchased usb to hdmi: displaylink.com/products/...

I'm using MX2 and MX3 mouse, I've had no issues, like I said, it's plug and play, sure I don't have logitech flow, but it does work,

I've 3 monitors at home and I don't even need to use those adapters, I don't see why you'd use it,

Maybe you're not buying tools correctly, if you want to have extra monitors, buy a laptop and a dock, and maybe a dock with 3 hdmi or display ports,

I think the argument about display was like, ahh, this screw driver isn't driving this nail into the wall, screw drivers are bad.

Maybe buy a docking station? While I'm typing, I'm using a docking station right now,

Also I'm sure there are plenty of usb to hdmi things which follow some open standard and linux works even without manually installing a driver (most of things are plug and play, like my mx mouse here)

Ubuntu user here, with an MX3 sitting next to my laptop after upgrading from the MX2.

In the office, I have a docking station, at home, I work with a single screen just fine, and when at remote sites etc, I have a USB3 hub with extra HDMI etc.

Sure, the drivers on the docking station & USB hub didn't want to play ball, but I grew up on a BSD command line, so it wasn't tricky to sort it. My problem there was the choice of laptop not being explicitly designed for a docking station, and I wanted a USB hub for travel (that I've used all of twice).

By & large, everything in modern Linux is plug & play, and I've managed to convince a few people to move over from MacOS just by them seeing the way I work.

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