Scripting To Saves Lives shutdown

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I have some very bad news, scripting to save lives is finished.

Our founder Riverside rocks said:


Unfortunately, ScriptingToSaveLives has gained very little traction. We have only raised $20 dollars and our website gets very little views. Right now, there are also only two people helping the cause. That is nowhere near what we need. Because of this, I am putting the project on hold. scriptingtosavelives.com and www.scriptingtosavelives.com will be forwarded to this post. The project will be put on hold indefinitely.

Thank you,
Riverside Rocks

So here is the new guidelines for donations:

  1. Any donated code older than 2 days shall be added
  2. Any new code shall be ignored
  3. Our services will remain open until next week

Thanks for everyone who played a part.
17lwinn- editor developer


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