glitch-addons, extend your glitch experience!

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extend your experience!

glitch-addons is a project which lets you download and use chunks of code or scripts made by us (ProTech IT Solutions) or you!

Wait... do I need sudo?-

No! it uses Apache SubVersioN (SVN) to get files from our community repo- check out https://cli-addon-list.glitch.me for a list of addons and a link to the repo (check footer)

How do I install the thing?!-

run this command:

wget https://glitch-addons-cli.glitch.me/cli.py


python3 cli.py

command list under the command 'help'

There isn't many addons!-

This is because it is new, our repo is empty and we need your code!

follow the 3 steps in here to submit an addon


sorry to hear! PM me on the glitch forum! or reply by replying here!

What does 'nvm' do?-

This installs the Node Version Manager, you need

  • a .bashrc or .bash_profile file
  • node.JS
  • enough space

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