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Use a Webcam on Raspberry pi with 3 Commands

Recently I reinstalled Raspberry Pi OS on my micro SD to build a security system for my room lol.

As the first step, I tested my webcam(old CREATIVE) with 3 commands.


$ sudo rapi-config
interface enable camera
$ sudo apt-get install guvcview
$ guvcview &
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I also updated my Raspberry Pi setup note on GitHub

GitHub logo koji / RaspberryPi-Note

Raspberry Pi note

Raspberry Pi

This repository is a note of Raspberry Pi. It covers from setup to a project.



Basic commands

22 Basic Commands You Have to Know


  1. setup guide This focuses on inital setup.
  2. create a swapfile Basically, this is for installing a heavy program like OpenCV.
  3. set crontab The sample is how to take a photo with webcam every 8 am.


  1. install vnc_viewer This is useful when we don't have a monitor for pi and want to use GUI.
  2. install opencv
  3. install oh-my-zsh
  4. install librealsense
  5. python3.6
  6. install berryconda
  7. install openFrameworks
  8. install Docker WIP
  9. install alexa WIP
  10. install google home
  11. install visual studio code(oss version)

Code sample

  1. analog input/output
  2. bluetooth wip
  3. led blink
  4. slack bot with webcam WIP
  5. control tello
  6. Coral USB with OpenCV

Machine Learning

  1. setup ml env
  2. darkflow WIP
  3. install berryconda

I will add a python script for moving detector with webcam.

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