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A chrome extension to help you Leetcode 🚀

Are you spending this summer grinding Leetcode problems? Whether you're leetcoding to gear up for job interviews or try to fill that empty void in your soul, you need to try this free and open-source extension.

Leetcode Explained

4 Awesome Features 🔥

Feature 1️⃣

  • Adds the top 5 youtube solution videos into each problem.
  • Default solution video is from the channel Neetcode.
  • Over 900 problems added (4500 videos). Watch video solutions inside each problem

Feature 2️⃣

  • Adds the top 5 companies that are known to ask each question. Image description

The next two features require ChatGPT login in your browser.

Feature 3️⃣

  • Reads your code and tells you the time and space complexity. Image description

Feature 4️⃣

  • Reads your code, fixes any bugs, and returns the corrected solution. Image description


Thanks for reading and happy leetcoding!

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