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A little bit about Data Science and Data Scientist

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Couple of days ago I took Data Science course of IBM from Coursera. I completed my first course and got basic knowledge about data science. As I am new to this sector I thought I would share what I learned. This will also help me as a future reference 😅. Now lets get started.

Data science and Data scientist

Data science is a field where you use scientific methods, algorithms, processes to get information from a chunk of structured or unstructured data. A data scientist is someone who extract the information from the data. So data science is basically what data scientists do.
Data scientist is a player who only plays with data whether the data is in structured or unstructured form.

Who can be a data scientist?

An ideal data scientist should have curiosity in him/her. Without a curious mind one can't be a perfect data scientist. Now here question may arise why curiosity is important in this field? Curiosity is important because without curiosity a person can't extract the information from a thousand/million/billion set of data. He/She won't get what to extract from the data.
A data scientist has to be a good story teller. He has to make a good story about his finding from the data to present the final result. So a date scientist requires good story telling skill in this field.
Besides these skill a data scientist should have knowledge in STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) kind of things. Having knowledge in statistics is important. Because these are important and kind of mandatory skills as he/she'll need to analyze data, may need to build an application to extract the information out of data, need to make a chart of the findings etc.

Why data science is important?

Why not it is important??? Now a days data science is used everywhere. We can solve our problems with the use of data science. Data science is future because it predicts future. Data science is related to data mining, deep learning and big data.

That's it. Hope you'll find this useful. 😁

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