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Laravel Jetstream: First Look

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What is Laravel Jetstream?

It is a brand new Scaffolding package for your Laravel 8 projects. It goes beyond Authentication Scaffolding. And, its available as free, open source package by the Laravel team.

For too long we had Bootstrap and jQuery based scaffolding and this change was much needed to be honest.

What's changed from laravel/ui package?

  • Tailwind for the CSS.
  • Choose between Livewire or Inertia.js to handle your front-end exactly like we used to choose preset in laravel/ui.

How would we choose?

php artisan jetstream:install livewire


php artisan jetstream:install inertia

Inertia.js comes with Vue.js as default adapter.

Features 🚀

1- User Profile

Jetstream introduces User Profile feature where user can update their information which include:

  • Change their profile picture
  • Update their name/email/password
  • Two Factor Authentication (Recovery codes and QR code) 👌
  • User can view their other Browser Sessions and also log out from them
  • User can Delete their entire account
  • All of this functionality and its code is available to developer so that they have full control.

2- API Tokens

If your Laravel app exposes an API and you need to give User the ability to generate their own tokens, you can do so by adding a single line of code in your jetstream.php config file.

'features' => [

And a new page user/api-tokens will be added to application. User will also be able to manage token permissions on this page. These permissions are defined in JetstreamServiceProvider.

Laravel Jetstream uses Laravel Sanctum under-the-hood to generate API tokens.

3- Teams

Almost in every SAAS application now-a-days we need teams feature. Guess what? It comes out of the box with Laravel Jetstream 🥳

php artisan jetstream:install livewire --teams

It will add teams entry in jetstream.php config file:

'features' => [

Now you will be able to:

  • Manage Team
  • Create Team
  • Switch Team
  • Add Members to the Team ( even manage their Roles and Permissions 🔥 )

Amazing stuff, right?

When it will be available?

It will be available along with Laravel 8 which is coming out on 8th, September 2020. Or maybe a week/two weeks later.


Laravel team has basically offered the non-billing part of Laravel Spark as Laravel Jetstream.

I think it's gonna give you a sick starting point for building modern Laravel applications in 2020 - Taylor Otwell

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Personally I can't wait for the release of Jetstream. Creating this every time is so much work and since it is compatible with Livewire makes it so much better. I was really surprised when I watched the Laracon stream. Also looking forward how easy it will be to extend the features


Yeah... I am also looking forward to extending part.


My issue with it is that it’s tied to Tailwind, What if I don’t want to use tailwind css. What if I prefer bootstrap or .....

With Tailwind UI being released primarily as a subscription service I won’t be using it.

So what’s the alternative, convert to Tailwind css or go without the functionality?


Well, if you need all this cool functionality, converting to TailwindCSS is the only option.
If you only need Authentication scaffolding with Bootstrap, you can still use "laravel/ui" package.

With Jetstream being open source, I think it's only matter of time before someone makes a package for Jetstream and Bootstrap too.


Personally I feel it should have been a built in option. Like many Laravel dev's I'm already productive with bootstrap, and looking forward to V5. My frustration is partly due as I'm about to starts a new project which was going to be in Laravel 8, and now I'm not sure. Don't really want to use a deprecated UI package and I'm not going to switch to Tailwind, Might just go with Vue and Adonis ?

Livewire looks good though, I could see me using that ;)

Give it a read if you haven't already, Thoughts on some reactions to Jetstream, by Taylor.


Santa Claus come very early this year :-)


Haha... Brought lots of goodies.


Laravel Jetstream is already avaliable?
In their github repo, the link to documentation is missing


Yeah repository was recently made public. They are working on documentation now.