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Zubair Mohsin
Zubair Mohsin

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Black Friday Deals for React Developers

I was looking for React.js learning resources which are on sale this Black Friday ( 2020 ) and the only resources I found on sale are Udemy courses in the beginning πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

So, I am creating this discussion where everyone can share if they know any React.js Learning Resource on SALE in comments.

I will keep updating the list below by taking information from comments.

Here goes:


1- Udemy - 9.99$

React courses on SALE

2- Pluralsight - 40% off

Check out their React courses

3- React for Beginners - 50% off

React for beginners by Wes Bos . Also Advanced React and Mastering Gatsby by Wes Bos have same discounts.

4- Dave Ceddia - Pure React - Coming Soon

Keep an eye on his Twitter account and Website

5- Learnetto - Coming Soon

Sale page link

Please help grow this list.

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Fidel Amendola

Hi, Zubair, how are you?.
In Udemy you can found a lots of React's courses. I've taken a few and I can say they're pretty cool and useful.

zubairmohsin33 profile image
Zubair Mohsin • Edited

Hi Fidel, thank you for your response :)

I have already added Udemy as an option to find React courses on SALE.

If you know any other resource, please drop the name/link in comments.

onyxcode profile image

Udemy is not only chocked full of courses for every topic including React, there are SO MANY free courses it's unbelievable. I learned Python from a free course!